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3 81360001" 7290 6 



Jacob Edwards Library 
236 Main St. 
Southbridop MA 01550 





36 0001 7290 6 

Jacob Edwards Library 
236 Main St. 
Southbridge, MA 01550 

Faculty/Administration. ♦ 3 


Underclassmen. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 47 

Sports--Fall/Winter. 65 

Sports-Spring 2004* ♦ .86 

Clubs/Organizations .92 

Sponsors. ♦♦♦♦♦ w109 

Southbridge High School 

25 Cole Avenue 
Southbridge, MA 01550 

Jacob Edwards Library 
236 Main St. 
Southbridge, MA 01550 

Volume 43 


2 Candids 

s °oz foot soot 

Faculty 3 


Mr. Joseph Bialy 


Mr. Bryant Montigny 

Interim Principal 

Mr. John McGuirk 


... Mwm^nm 

Mrs. Joanne Dunn 


Mrs. Jackie Varin 


Ms. Dianne Allard 
Business / Technology 

Mr. William Beck 

Mr. William Bishop 

•p Facu lty 

Ms. Becky Bussiere 

Mr. Jeff Allen 
Special Ed 

Ms. MaryAnne Anderson 
Curriculum Coordinator 

Mr. Herbert Andrews 


Mr. Ray Belanger 
Tech Ed 

Mr. Michael Benoit 
Permanent Sub 


Mr. David Biron 
School Psychologist 


Mr. Frank Brako 

Ms. Kristen Brunelle 

Mr. David Buffum 

Mr. Hector Cabrera 

Mr. Mark Campbell 
Special Ed 

Ms. Andrea Carlson 

School to Career 

Community Service Coordinator 

Ms. Karen Checka 
School Nurse 

Ms. Kathleen Coggins 

Mr. John Cournoyer 

Ms. Beth Croke 





Ms. Ursula Davey 

Ms. Sofia DeRamos-Hernandez 

Ms. Miriam Detres 
Special Ed 

Ms. Jan DiGregorio 
Health/Physical Education 

Ms. Jessica Drew 

Ms. Kristina Gagnon 
Permanent Sub 

Mr. Stephen Greene 

Ms. Pam Dugas 

Ms. Tracy Duval 
Permanent Sub 

Ms. Carmen Garieri 

Mr. Terry Hanrahan 

Ms. Lorraine Gately 
Physical Education 

Ms. Michelle Jacklin 

Mr. Brian Festa 

Ms. Amy Gentry 


Ms. Linda Jowett 
Social Studies 


Photo Unavailable 

Mr. Lazare Kouabran 

Mr. Tom Laine 

Ms. Kelly Landine 

Mr. Charles Larkin 
Permanent Sub 

wd Facu lty 

Mr. Greg Leach 

Athletic Director 

Physical Education 

Ms. Nancy Lopes 

Ms. Ginny Leahey 
Secretary, Guidance 

Photo Unavailable 

Ms. Sue Lozoraitis 
Special Ed. 

Mr. William Lee 

Ms. Lillian Lind 
English as a Second Language 


Ms. Elizabeth Marble 

Mr. George Marion 

Into ' 

5 (« 


M ? 



Ms. Aida Mateo 

Mr. John McHugh 
Social Studies 

Mr. Bob McLeod 

Mr. Shawn McNamara 
Health /Physical Education 


Ms. Sarah Noble-Young 

Ms. Michele Norton 
Family Science 

Ms. Elsa Nunez 

Mr. Harry Pearson 

Ms. Judy Prisco 
Information Specialist 

Ms. Severine Rios 

Ms. Margarita Roman 
English as a Second Language 

Ms. Tanya Romero 


Mr. Bill Rucki 
Social Studies 



Mr. Edward Smreczak 
Technology Specialist 

Mr. Spiro Thomo 
Social Studies 

Ms. Pamela Santilli 

Mr. William Shemeth 
Social Studies 

Mr. John Soldani 
Graphic Arts 

Ms. Jennifer Toelken 

Ms. Midge Yacavace 

Mr. David Yacavace 
Curriculum Coordinator 


Ms. Denise Staffieri 

Mr. Ian Willliamson 

Mr. Rick Silver 
Social Studies 

Ms. Sylvia Tashijan 

Ms. Paula Wilmot 


Poon Services 




2£Z l tJal B 


■ r ir^"'* > *^^* Mc ^^ m *^.. 

Mr. Barry Sbordy 
Food Director 

Ms. Shirley Yanka 

The "lunch ladies" 




Sgt. William Hibbard 
Resource Officer 


Candace Dranginis 

School Bank 

H.S. Training Supervisor 

Richard Gauthier; Joseph Aviles 
Andy Sokolowski; Cory McKinsh (not shown) 




Ms. Diana Fredera 

Ms. Martha Girouard 
Ms. Ruth Velez 
Ms. Maria Rodriguez 
Ms. Deanna Martinez 

Ms. Cheryl Thompson 

Mrs. Steffieri on patrol 




10 Academic Candids 

Mr. Benoit giving a class lecture. 

Academic Candids 11 

'Don't go that way, go this way!" as Mr. Pearson directs i 
I students during the field trip to Salem, MA. 

12 Academic Candids 


I ' l^^l 1 

1 k \\ 5ll 


- ' 

Mr. Rucki waiting for his meal during the Teacher's Christmas 

Academic Candids 13 

14 Academic Candids 


Class of 2006 Officers: President: Richard LaBlanc; Vice- Class °r 2007 Officers: President: Jennifer Lynch; Vice- 
President: Jenna Kaitbenski; Treasurer: Christina President: Rebecca Losavio; Treasurer: Crystal Torres; 
Kamizarides; Secretary: Carly Dion. Raquel Vasquez. Secretary: Jenna Soper. Class Advisors: Ms. Landine & 
Class Advisors: Mr. Thomo & Mr. Festa Ms. Croke 

Class of 2008 Officers: President: Lauren Hatch; Trea- 
surer: Andrew Philbrook; Vice-President/Secretary: to 
be determined. Class Advisors: Mr. Shemeth & Mr. 

Mrs. Wilmot logging in students during daily 
hall duty. 

Deacon Raymond Winslow Petrolli, member of 
the Sturbridge Minutemen, visiting Mr. Thomo's 
US History class. 

Academic Candids 15 

Class of 2005-Class History 

We entered the halls of Southbridge High School in the tall of 2001, anxious to start upon the 
best four years of our lives, but first came the elections for our class officers. We elected 
Christina Rios as President, Itoro Udofia as Vice President, Marysol Naldonado as Secretary, and 
Michael Towle as Treasurer. Mow that elections were out of the way we began to plan our up- 
coming fundraisers under the advisorship of Mrs. Rios and Mr. McHugh. November was quickly 
approaching and so was the Thanksgiving Day Rally. We had been hearing a lot about the rally and 
how exciting and fun it was. As soon as the theme "Out of this World" was given to us, we imme- 
diately began planning our skit. Since we were freshmen, we didn't exactly make the best choice, 
"Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". The rally quickly approached and who knew that we 
needed narrators for our skit, NOT US, so we put on a horrible skit, had no words to it due to the 
misunderstanding. Boy was that an embarrassment! 

Sophomore year came along and we had elections again. Nothing changed and we continued with 
Christina Rios as President, Itoro Udofia as Vice President, Marysol Maldonado as Secretary, and 
Michael Towle as Treasurer. We thought we had escaped the word "MCAS" but this was the 
decisive year in which we needed to pass the test in order to be able to graduate. Although we 
had to worry about MCAS, we needed to also worry about our skit for the Rally. We were deter- 
mined to have a good skit this year since we were more experienced; we were also ver^ excited to 
be having our first paint night. This year's theme was "Dancing through the Decades". Based upon 
the 70's we decided to do "The Oz". With Matt Champney as Izzy, Jimbo as a human disco ball, 
Vladimir as a turkey, and our football players as the rest of the characters from "The Oz". We 
were sure that this was going to be great. But once again something went wrong with the class 
of 2005, we placed 3 rd with our skit and were disqualified. We eventually got over it and knew 
that we would surprise them next year. We then started planning the Prom, which we needed to 
put on for the Class of 2004. We booked Pleasant Valley Country Club and were determined to 
make this the best prom ever. 

Junior Year, it was all going by so quickly. This year, when elections came along, it was nothing 
but drama. The results were in and we had a new officer on board, Daylin Altiery as our new Vice 
President. We continued with Christina Rios as President, Marysol Maldonado as Secretary, and 
Michael Towle as Treasurer. This year our main priorities were to place 1 st with our skit and to 
put on the best Prom! This year's theme was "Paradise" and after much discussion we decided on 
"Pioneers of the Caribbean". Although we had our arguments and disagreements, we finally took 
everyone by surprise and with the great jokes, awesome skit, dancing, and music and of course 
Jack Phomphitak's break dancing moves, we placed 2 nd in both skit and poster, but we did place 1 st 
for the most Class Spirit. Then came the Prom: the theme would be "A Walk to Remember"; the 
colors Burgundy and Gold. With everyone's hard work and with the money we made from all of 
the fundraisers, we were able to put on an awesome prom. Junior year was at an end and senior 
year here we come. 

finally senior year! WE WERE FINALLY SENIORS! It was a long three years of waiting but we 
were finally here. There was so much to look forward to — the class trip, the rally, the Spirit of 
Boston, prom, and especially Graduation. Elections were held for the last and final time. We 
continued with Christina Rios as President, Daylin Altiery, as Vice President, Marysol Maldonado 
as Secretary, and Michael Towle as Treasurer. This time we had a new advisor on board, Mrs. 
Staff ieri. The Thanksgiving Day Rally was near and we started on our skit. Little did we know 
that we would have a small food fight during C lunch and that event would cancel out Thanksgiv- 
ing Day Rally. This put a big hole in our senior year but it was not going to mess up our senior 

Seniors, always remember to reach for your dreams, fight for what you believe in, and espe- 
cially never forget those who love and care for you the most. The future holds great things for 
each and every single one of you. Not only have we grown into great individuals but we have also 
become great friends through the years. May you succeed in everything you do, and congratula- 

16 Seniors 

Class of 2005 Officers: Marysol Maldonado, Secretary; Michael Towle, Treasurer; 
Daylin Altiery, Vice President; Christina Rios, President. 

Senior Class Advisors: Mrs. Rios 
and Mrs. Staffieri 

Class of 2005 Officers: Always on 
top of things! 

Seniors 17 

Daylin Altiery 

Cynthia Alvarado 

Gloria Amodeo 

Pedro Ap, 


Felicia Asomaning 

Digmarie Bae% 

18 Seniors 


Lucania Baez, 

Leonard Beane 

Sab Bounphasaysonh 

Kyle Brodeur 

Nicole Bergeron 

Stephen Brunell 

LeQuita Bryant 

Devon Bucharelli 

Joseph Cadarette 

Seniors 19 

W^ XT 

Jose Canales 

Kwame Carlor 

Chelsea Carron 

Matthew Champney 

Sarah Choiniere 

Katar%yna Ciemiega 

Janet Carrasco 

Katelyn Chenier 

Amanda Cloutier 

20 Seniors 

Jesse Cloutier 

Jonathan Cokeux 

m 11 *.,«•■ i 

Il'„ — i I , ^MALlL 

Lindsey Collins 

Deirdra Cullan 

Kathryn Damian 

Vladimir Devil 

Denielle Dionne 

Adrianna DiPietro 

Jonthan Dube 

Seniors 21 


Olga Dunchik 

Justin Filo 

Robert Dunphe 

Matthew Folkes 

Justin Dupuis 

r* ' 

/: ■■-*" t! 


^^^^__ W' * 

La ^3 


Jorge Garcia 

Tabatha Gardner 

Alexandria Garieri 

Chad Gonzalez, 

22 Seniors 

Stephanie Goulter 




r ^ 

u ? 

yacTya JJe 


■' ^^^£f I 

fl - BF » 

i HI 

V^^ 1 


Jenalee Johnson 


Alisse Kelleher 

Marley Lanctot 

Magen Lapoince 

Seniors 23 



§ i I, * » 9 9 ■ 9/ g . m W nTfl 

24 Seniors 

Seniors 25 

Erika Larson 

Lynna Ly 

Andiany Lopez; 

Jose Machado 

Melanie Maynard 

Clifford Molina 

Kimberly Lorange 

Marysol Maldonado 

Caroline Moore 

26 Seniors 

Ian Morrill 

Katherine O'Malley 

&: "'J 

Sarah Peloquin 

Michael Nikolla 

Rebecca Ordonez; 



S a 

■5»i ■ 

i 1 

(7,.. ,;■£-! 

Sheena Pena 

Erik Nordbye 

Nohemi Otero 

Argelis Perez; 

Seniors 27 

Nicholas Power 

Farah Riche 

Jessica Rebis 

Kerry Riche 



T*& ** > ^B 




Dylan Renaud 

Christina Rios 

Kris tie Robidoux 

Cheli Rosario 

Denise Rosario 

28 Seniors 

Heather Sluhocki 

Raymond St. George 

Marc St. Pierre 

Jaye Strait 

Aaron Tetlow 

Annemie Thomas 

Seniors 29 

\lhanpsan ~Wri$ 

Eric Thompson 

Keila Vazquez; 

Nicole Wacerhouse 

Michael Towle 

Rosalind Vele% 

Matthew Wright 

Itoro Udofia 

Ina Vojtic 

30 Seniors 

Seniors 31 

32 Seniors 

Louis Adams 

F^cknames: Big Luck, Lucky, Killa, 
lilt ng dem bells, smiles. 

tivities: J.V./Varsity Basketball 
|1 11, 12; Backyard football 10, 11; 
jckyard wiffleball 10, 11 
fpals: To be a successful business- 
m, take care of my mom and get a 
fe and have kids. If I can do it, 
|l:ome the first black president. I 
j int to thank all the teachers and 
idents for all the support and all 
help. Thank you. 

Adams ~Baez 

Christopher ADard 

Activities: Jazz Band 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Marching 
Band 9, 10, 11, 12; NHS 11; Secretary 

Goals: To gain acceptance to my 
top choice college, major in biology, 
and pursue my career as an animal 
rehabilitator at a monkey rehabilita- 
tion center in Southern Africa. 

Oayjin Altiery 

Cynthia Alvarado 

Nicknames: Cindy, Cincity, Cin, C. 
Lee, Cindy Lu Ha, Furbet 
Activities: Bleacher Creature 
Goals: Go to college, be a fashion 
designer with my own boutique in 
Mass. or New York, travel around 
the world, have my own house, get 
married with that special someone 
and have kids. 

Gloria Amodeo 

cknames: Bethie, Bethunda 
ctivities: Dance k-12; Lyrics 9; 
lect Women's 10; Chamber Singers 
ft, 12; Student Council 9, 10, 11, VP 
E; NHS 11, 12; Student Advisory 
Lard 11, 12; Hospice Volunteer 9, 10, 
L 12 

Coals: To get out into the real world, 
est the waters and achieve my 
'reams. To never forget where I 
bme from, or that no matter what 
omes my way, I will always be a 
una Fish. To always remember 
tumanl, D-Unit and the Zooloo 
Crew, and to quit my current job. 




Pedro Aponte 

Nicknames: Furby, Puki, Pedrito, 

Bulto Jr., Bobo 

Activities: Football (#62) 9, 10, 11, 


Goals: To make everyone know me 

and to open my own business. 

Felicia Asomaning 

Digmarie Baez 

Nicknames: Diggy, Beby, Whippy, 


Goals: Live life, have fun, be with 

the love of my life, find the career of 

my dreams, and to have nothing 

stop me from accomplishing my 


Baby Pics 33 


- L 


Nickname: Lukie 

Activities: Softball 9, 10; Council 

for Unity 10, 11 

Goals: To be a forensic scientist and 


Leonard Beane 

Nicknames: Buddy, Lenny, Beanie 
Baby, Leo, Beane, Beanestalk 
Activities: Football 9, 10, 11, Capt. \ 
12; JV Baseball 9, 10 
Goals: Go to college for criminal 
justice. Make a lot of money. To 
become a policeman. 

Sab Qounphasaysonh 

Nicknames: Sab Koo, Koo, Saab, 
GQ, Asian Fury, Crazy Asian, Sab- 
Boo. Asian Rice, Faded Yellow, Bab, 
Seph, Fire! 

Activities: Snowboarding; Profilin'; 
Halo; Ambai; Patrol 11, 12 
Goals: To conquer every challenge 
while unraveling what fate has in 
store for me with a smile on my 
face, knowing that I will be all that I 
can be. G.I. Sab. Over and out. 

Stephen Brunei! 

Nicknames: Steve, Stephen, Steve-o 
Activities: SHS Football 9, 10, 11 
Capt. 12; Varsity Baseball 9, 10; 
Thanksgiving Skit 9, 10, 11, 12 
Goals: To have a great family, have 
a good job, make a ton of money, 
and see the Red Sox win another 
World Series. 

Devon QuchareOi 

Nicknames: D.J., Devaugn, 
Fonzerelli, Chipmunk 
Activities: Soccer 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12; 
Baseball 9, 10; Hill Crew; Yearbook 
Staff; Art Club 

Goals: To graduate from college 
and find a job that I like and pays 
well and once I save enough money, 
buy a tank. Introduce the 3 liter 
bottle. To beat Pac-man with one 
quarter and return to my wife and 
live until I die. 


Nickname: Mono 
Activities: Horseback Riding, 
Hiking, Soccer, Travelling 
Goals: Traveling around the world, 
college, have fun in life playing 

Kwame Carlor 

Nicknames: KC, Kwameson, 
Primetime, Quam, Lucky 21, 

Activities: Harlem Shakin'- 9, 10, 
11; Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 
9, 10, 11, 12; Poppin' my collar 10, 
11, 12; Baseball 9 

Goals: Graduate from college, go to 
the NFL or open up my own 
business, marry the love of my life, 
have a couple kids and make sure 
they live a good life.... Yeah!!! 

Janet Carrasco 

Nicknames: Yanet, Carrasco 

Activities: Show Choir 10, 12; Steps 


Goals: My goal is to live life to the 

fullest, marry the love of my life, be 

semi-rich, be famous, and die 


34 Seniors 

'Remember, the cloud is free only to go with the wind, and the rain only in falling. 

Chelsea Carron 

icknames: Chels, Chelso 
ctivities: Varsity Soccer 9, 10, 11, 
jl; Varsity Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; 
jrsity Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12; Art 
x>m Choir; Ski Club 
oals: To marry Erik Nordbye and 
;sist him in "pulling off the 
"eatest "joke" the world has ever 

Matthew Champney 

Nicknames: The Champ, Mateo,, MC, Matt 

Activities: Football 9, 10,11, Capt. 
12; Baseball 9, 10, 11; Student 
Council 11; Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Teachers Club 11, 12; Leader of the 
MC's lOth-life MC crazy crazy; Che 
Patrol 11, 12 

Goals: After playing middle 
linebacker for Virginia Tech, I plan 
to graduate from college, put out 
many fires and save 10 people a 
day. I also plan to settle down and 
live on a lake. 

Katelyn Chenier 

Nicknames: Pony Girl, Chenier 
Activities: Softball 10, 11, 12; Field 
Hockey 9, 10, 11; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Chearleading for Pop Warner 
Goals: To succeed in college and be 
successful with nursing school. 

Sarah Choiniere 

Katarzyna Ciemiega 

Nicknames: Kasia, Cameron D., 

Poopchi, hey you, Katchia 
Activities: Basketball 9, 10, 12; Tennis 
B.1, 12; Cross Country 12; Show Choir 9, 
flO, 12; Cruisin with the girls, trying to 
; get Greg to go to Thai food with me, 
Ptrying everything to get out of class 

Goals: Become the next member of the 

Real World. Visit China, work with 
> : pandas, get Olga a tennis player, get 
jjanetajob. Win the lottery, marry 
[ Hugh Heffner, have a Hummer, go to 
1 1toro's modeling show, go to Beth's 
■ book signing and live a happy life and 

make Poland the fashion capital of the 
1 world. 

Nicknames: Pookie Bear, Pooh, 
Squeekey, Soul Stealer, Skitzo, 
Snuggle Bunny, McSqueekers 
Activities: Debate 10, 11; Chess 
Club 10; Drama Costumes 11, 12; 
School Newspaper 12 
Goals: To marry Juggalo John 
(Waller) and have Zoe Jane and Eric 
Gabriel. Also to become a profes- 
sional anything, because right now 
I'll settle for anything. 

V > 

Jesse Cloutier 

Nicknames: Chan, Pet Jesse, 

Miscrol, Shawn Whisper, Rebel, 

Chief Dog Eyes, Crazy Boy, Mr. 


Activities: D-Unit, Hill Crew, 

Canadian Immigrant Relations, 

Shaolin Kempo, Twin Dragon Dojo 

Emissary, The Best (rollin' with), 

Active Hero, Dos Rebels, WOOT- 


Goals: Remember, the cloud is free 

only to go with the wind, and the 

rain only in falling. 

Jonathan Coiteux 

Lindsey Collins 

Nicknames: Lin, Linny, Linds, Lin- 
Activities: Football Cheerleading 9, 

10, 11, Capt. 12; Basketball 
Cheerleading 10, 11, Capt. 12; NHS 

11, 12; Red Shirt Federation (RSF) 

Goals: To have a happy, fun and 
successful life and to always keep in 
touch with my friends. 

Baby Pics 35 



Luis Cruz 

Deirdra Cullan 

Nicknames: Pigglet, Zoe, Dodie, 


Activities: Softball 10, 12; Show 

Choir 10, 11, 12; Theatre 11, 12; 

Chorus 10, 11, 12; Debate Team 10, 

11; Chorus Council 12 

Goals: To make something of 


Kathryn Damian 

Nicknames: Kat, Kitty Kat, Kate 
Activities: Student Council 9, 10; NHS 11, 
12; Volleyball 11, 12; Step Team 11, 12; RSF 
11, 12; Witness of Salem Rebels; Eating 
Ramen, Cheezits, and pop corn while 
drinking hot chocolate with the Art Room 
Choir; Sally McDermott Dance Center ('91- 

Goals: To become independent and learn 
how to do my own laundry, keep in touch 
with my old friends and make some new 
ones, meet the nicest guy in the world, marry 
him and have his babies, become successful 
as a psychologistor some profession that 
involves studying, helping, or having a close 
interaction with people. If all else fails, I'll 
learn to skateboard and open up "Whamp 

Jonathan Dube 

Nickname: Dube 

Activities: Singing, Playing Guitar, 
Skateboarding, and Video Games 
Goals: To become successful with 
my music and to get my life going. 

Robert Dunphe 

Vladimir Devil 

Nicknames: Vlad, Paco, Devil, 

Splinter, Mimi, Asher 

Activities: Student Council 10, 11, 


Goals: Don't die and get rich. 


Nickname: Olgie 

Activities: Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12; 

Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12 

Goals: To become successful and 

get tons of money, marry a tennis 

player, and run the Boston 


Justin Dupuis 

Nicknames: Dupe, Dupes, Dupuis, 
Salome, Pubes to some 
Activities: Football 9, 11; Baseball 
9, 10; Rippin the Roar; Chillin; long 
rides in the Summit; Beirut 
Goals: To become the ultimate 
"Iron Chef." 

36 Seniors 

" that I can feel that I have made a difference.' 

Justin Rio 

Jicknames: Jubb, Jubba, Sparks 
ictivities: Football 9, 10, 11, 12; 
;aseball 9, 10, 11; ROOR club 
loals: Just keep living. LIVIN 

Matthew Folkes 

Nickname: Matty Folkes 
Activities: 3 whole yrs of 
Southbridge High Soccer, skate- 
boarding, snowboarding 
Goals: College, man. 

Tabitha Gardner 

Nicknames: Tabby, Tab, Tabz, 
Taboo, Tabeet 

Activities: Field Hockey 9, 10, 
Varsity 11, 12, Capt. 10, 12; Big Y 
lives on!; Chorus 9, 11, 12; Student 
Leader 12 

Goals: I plan on becoming a 
massage therapist and accomplish- 
ing many things in life so I can feel 
that I have made a difference. 

Alexandria Garieri 

Nicknames: Lexi, Lexer, Ali 
Activities: Football Cheerleading 9, 
10, 11; Basketball Cheerleading 9, 
10, 11, 12; Teachers Club 9, 10, 
President 11; Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Bleacher Creature Captain 12 
Goals: To be C.E.O. at Tiffany & 

Chad Gonzalez 

I Chadwick, Chadster, Chapstick 
Activities: Soccer, Basketball, Love 
playing gym 

Goals: To be the best and the 
richest since everyone has always 
put me down and told me I won't 
do anything with my life. 

Stephanie Goulter 

Nicknames: Goulter, Steph, 
Stephie, Stephie G, munchkin, 
midget, shorty, pope, John, jack 

Activities: Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 
12; Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Field 
Hockey 10, 11, 12; Clarinet choir 9 
Goals: To go to college with Ashley 
& Allison, to succeed in life, get 
married and have a family and to 
always remember my friends and 
the four best years of my life. 

James Mayes 


Nicknames: Jim, Jimbo, Jimmy, 
Jizimbo Hizayes, Jimmy Smalls, 

Activities: Jazz Band 12; Band 9, 10, 
11, 12; J.V. Baseball 9; Che Patrol 12; 
Top of the Five 12; Salem Rebels 11 
Goals: To buy a house, take care of 
my parents, and go to Amsterdam. 

Nicknames: Jacks, Jackie-chow, 
Gustav, Jacfie 

Activities: Chorus 9; Skit Committee 
9, 10; Prom Committee 11; Making 
memories with the D-Unit; Chem Class 
and the 4 Musketeers, Movie Nights 
and gummie bears; TUNA; Firthness; 
Loose and sketchy; the Christmas 
parties; Applebees trips; Lucky 
Charms; Orange peels; Blues Brothers 
and so many more; Big Y Crew 
Goals: To live the life worthy of that 
which we call a legacy and to know I 
made someone smile at least once. To 
attain a job I love, start a family, see 
Chris and Itoro get married, and still 
have time to stop and smell the roses 
every so often. 

Baby Pics 37 

Johnson ~0'Malky 

Jermalee Johnson 

Nicknames: JJ, Jen Jen, Jens, J- 
Monster, Ms. Johnson, Bill, Jenawee 
Activities: Yearbook 11; Skit 9, 10, 

Goals: To graduate from college 
and never forget the Friday Night 
movie gang and the C. A.M.I. P. and 
remember all the good times with 
Lorange, never forget the moldy 
school, English class with the crew, 
and getting my stuff stolen by Jimbo 
everyday. Be successful in the music 
industry and make something with 
my life. 

Alisse KeOaher 

Nicknames: Alize, Princess, 


Activities: Alize, Princess, 


Goals: Who knows, 

whatever happens happens. 

Oh. to marry Matt Anderson. 


Krista Jovan 

Nicknames: Tetona, Gabby 
Activities: National Honor Societ 1 
11, 12; Salem Rebels 11 
Goals: To graduate college and 
open a chain of clubs with Erik. 
Whatever happens I'm going to 
make a lot of money and get out of 
this town. 

AAartey Lanctot 

Nicknames: Mahalo, Marley-Ping, 
Marslabong, Marlita, Marsley , Marvin 
Activities: Art, horseback riding, 
dancing-ballet and jazz, Rebel Clan 
Goals: To inspire others to be 
individuals, not part of the herd, 
and eventually travel to Japan. 
-Yumemiru- (to dream) 

Magen Lapointe 

Nicknames: Magin, Mags, 
Magenta, Megron, Megrona 
Activities: Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 
12; Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Field 
Hockey 10, 11, 12; National Honor 
Society 11, 12; Hanging out with D- 
Unit and Itumad; Big Y Crew 

Goals: To be rich and successful in 
New York City, to always remem- 
ber and keep in touch with my 
friends, be happy, live life to the 
fullest, and prove everyone wrong. 

lr ' Hi 

-» **• 

L "^ Jm 

jL J 

Erika Larson 

Nicknames: Eri, Lars, Larson 
Activities: Soccer 9, 10; Football 
Cheerleading 11, Capt. 12; Basket- 
ball Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12 
Goals: To live life to the fullest, be 
successful and eventually settle 
down and start a family. 

Andiany Lopez 

Nicknames: Annie, Diany, Nani, 


Activities: Hanging out with my 

hubby. Te amo mi amor. 

Goals: To get married to my one 

and only, Jose, be the best mom to 

our coming daughter, Jazlynn, and 

to really understand the meaning of 


Kimberly Lorange 

Nicknames: Kim, Lorange, Midget, 
Kimbarly, Kimba 
Activities: Yearbook 11 
Goals: To go to college and become 
successful in whatever I do. To 
never forget Jenna, Jenn, and 
Heather, who have been there for 
me through everything. Also, to 
eventually move out of this town 
and never come back. 

38 Seniors 

.live life to the fullest...' 


Maryeol Maldonado 

Nicknames: Mary, Boba, Cherry 
Activities: Student Council 9, 10, 
11, 12; Class Secretary 9, 10, 11, 12 
Goals: My goals are to graduate 
from college and get a good-paying 
job. Some day start my own family 
with the person I love, and live life 
to the fullest without letting any 
obstacles get in the way of accom- 
plishing my dreams. 

Clifford Molina 

Nickname: CJ 

Activities: Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Jazz 
Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Che Patrol; Top of 
the Five; 3/4 of Freshman Football 
Goals: Some day learn to fly. 

Caroline Moore 

Ian Morrill 

Nicknames: Doral, Money Bags 
Activities: Skateboarding; Video 
Games; BMX; Mountain Biking; 
Wakeboarding; Snowboarding; 
Salem Rebels 11; Puerto Rico 11; 
Cancun 12; Sturbridge 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Top of the Five 

Goals: Retire after college and live 
in a mobile home. 

Michael Mkofla 


Nicknames: Nordbye, Ewik 
Activities: Salem Rebels 11; Tennis 
11, 12; Football 9; "Varsity" 
Basketball 9 

Goals: I want to once again duel 
with Jess Rebis, to marry Chelsea 
Carron, and together, pull off the 
greatest "joke" the world has ever 

Katherine O'MaDey 

Nicknames: Kat, Malley Kat, 
Barefoot Girl 

Activities: Cross Country 10; 
Yearbook 11, 12; NHS 11, 12; 
Teachers Club 11, 12; Soccer 12; Art 
Room Junkie 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12 
Goals: To be happy. Also, if at all 
possible, to live in the summer on a 
hill in the woods with a garden and 
lots of animals and cats and Indians. 
And to make everything. 

Baby Pics 39 

Ordonez ~Sisco 

Rebecca Ordonez 

Activities: Hanging out with my 
friends, dancing, and I'm a party 
girl so I like to party. 
Goals: After graduating, I want to 
go to cosmetology school, and open 
up my own shop someday. Also to 
find the guy that I've been looking 
for, and have a fun exciting life. 

Nohemi Otero 

Nicknames: Noguy, Juancha 
Activities: I like soccer and I like 
drawing pictures. 
Goals: To graduate and go to 
college and have a good life with 
my fiance. 


Nicknames: Big Sheen, Mexican 
Activities: Salem Rebels 11; Softball 
10; Basketball 10; Cancun 12 
Goals: Graduate from college, 
move to California, and get a good 

Argelis Perez 

Nickname: Angelica 
Activities: Help others, I like to go 
shopping, hear music, and go to the 
movies with friends, play dominoes 
and basketball. 

Goals: My Goals for me is to finish 
high school with good grades. Then 
go to college and make my life as a 
better person, get the opportunity of 
finding a job. Having goals. This 
world offers you to think of what 
you want in your life. 

Jack Phompthithak 

Nicknames: Jack Mung, Mr. Mung, 
Mung Bean Phomphithak, Ubon, 
The One, Jackie Chan, Bruce Chan, 
Jerry Hsu, Asian Elvis 
Activities: Skateboarding; Video 
Games; Halo; Salem Rebels 11; Top 
of the Five 

Goals: Beat the system, become the 
One. Form a Fellowship to discover 
new worlds and adventures and to 
one day bring the Ring. 

Nicholas Power 

Jessica Rebis 

Nicknames: Jess-Rebis, Jesska, 
Rebis, K-Bizzle, J-Blizzy, Jess Rebis 
Skins, Jess Guns 
Activities: Soccer Manager, 12; 
Teacher's Club 11, 12; Cancun 12; 
Class Skit 9, 10, 11, 12; Salem Rebels 
11; Paper Bag Revolution 12; Pink 
Elbow Crew 11, 12; Rides 9, 10, 11, 12 
Goals: To travel to the Homeland 
with Tato, to once again duel with 
Erik Nordbye, to marry the love of 
my life and to live on a farm with 
O'Malley and 30 cats. 


Nicknames: Fabby, Farah-B, 


Activities: Cross Country 9 

Goals: To become a successful 

businesswoman, have a nice family 

and live happily ever after. 

40 Seniors 


.to live happily ever after. 

Kerry Riche 

Nickname: Black Thunder 
Vctivities: Chillin' with my friends, 
a ting, making fun of my sister. 
oals: To be the most recognized 
lancer in the world, spend the night 
n a Mansion, and world peace. 

Cheli Rosario 

Nicknames: Neca, Che, Chely 
Activities: To go shopping, and 
hang out with my closest friends 
and go out clubbing. 
Goals: To go to college and become 
a very important person. Then get 
married and have kids and have a 
wonderful family. 

Dero'se Rosario 

Christina Rios 

Nicknames: Chica, Pumpkin, Little 


Activities: Student Council 9, 10, 11, 

12; Class President 9, 10, 11, 12; Varsity 

Cirls Soccer 9, 10; J.V. Basketball 9; 

Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12; Show Choir 12; #1 

nurse offender, going to miss Ms. 


Coals: To go to college, get a degree in 

Early Childhood Education, and live 

life to the fullest. Also, to be in the 

World's Guiness Book of Records for 

the worlds loudest burp! To keep in 

touch with my girls and to marry the 

man of my dreams. 

Mary Rosario 

Nickname: Popo 
. Activities: I love shopping and 1 
love parties. 

Goals: To go to college, maybe 
living in Puerto Rico, having my 
own business and raising my son to 
be a good child. 

Yanira Santos 

Nicknames: Yard, YaYa, Kuicky 
Goals: My goal is to become an 
independent woman, go to college 
and become a professional so one 
day I can depend on myself and 
nobody else. And my other goal is 
to learn how to fold my clothes and 
put them away myself, without the 
help of anyone else. 

Sakhone Qayavong 

Nicknames: Bee, Bee Dizzle, 
Capital Bee Ezee, SAK 
Activities: SoCom 2, Halo 2, NBA 
Live 2005, working, basketball, 

Goals: SoCom 2, Halo 2, NBA Live 
2005, working, basketball, 


Activities: Concert choir 9, 10, 11, 
12; Show Choir 11, 12; Select chorus 


Baby Pics 41 

Shjhodd ~ Wright 


Heather eiuhockf 

Nicknames: Heath, Hef, Midget, 
Heath Slu, Midge, Tall Midget 
Activities: Yearbook 11 
Goals: To go to college and become 
a preschool teacher. Also, to 
remember all of my adventures 
with Denielle, my "partner in 
crime", and the fun times with Kim 
and Jennalee in all my classes. 
Lastly, to never forget how my 
friends helped me through 
everything the past couple of years. 

Aaron Tetlow 

Nicknames: Tet, Tetlow, Felton 
Activities: Baseball; Football; Gym; 
Volleyball; sometimes school; and 
lunch with all my home boys, and 
the whole football team. And of 
course being with my girlfriend 
after school, I love you Joanne. 
Goals: To leave SHS and become 
someone special. Most likely be a 

Annemie Thomas 

Nicknames: Mieke, Anneke, Mimie 
Activities: Music (bounds), walk 
the dog, go out with friends. 
Goals: Travel around the world 
with some friends. Help other 
people. Have a lot of pets. 

Eric Thompson 

Nicknames: Eric Tea, E.T. 
Activities: Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Jazz 
Band 9, 10, 11,12 
Goals: To be happy. 

Michael Towle 

Nicknames: Mike, Mikey, Towle, 

Activities: Football 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Basketball 9; Class Treasurer 9, 10, 
11, 12; Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12; 
State Liason 12; Teachers Club 11, 
12; Ski Club 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 
Goals: To become a successful 
person, go on to graduate college 
and enjoy life. 


Keila Vazquez 

Rosalind Velez 

Nickname: Nena 

Activities: Concert choir for 3 


Goals: To become someone in life 

and to succeed in all of my dreams. 

I have big dreams and I will get 

what I want in life but it won't be 

easy. So that's why I'm going to 

start now by going to college. 

ha Vojtic 

Nicknames: K, Keilita, Marie, Shorty, 

Activities: Volleyball Club President 11, 
12; Student Council 11, Rap and Culture 
Club 10, Graduation Day Usher 11, 
Community Service at Church 9, 10, 11, 
12; Youth Group 9, 10, 11, 12; Student 
Guide 10, 11 

Goals: My goal is to have a good score 
on the SAT's so I can be accepted to one 
of the best colleges in P.R.. I want to 
finish a career in engineering, have a 
good job, and spend time with the 
person I love. I want to accomplish all 
my dreams without ever forgetting the 
person who gave me life, God. 

Nicknames: Iner, Incomparable 
Activities: Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Marching band 9, 10, 11, 12; Jazz Band 
9, 10, 11, 12; Prom Committee; Student 
Leader, National Honor Society 11, 
Pres. 12, Varsity Basketball 11, 12; Red 
Shirt Federation (RSF) 11, 12 
Goals: Graduate college and pursue a 
career in the medical field. To always 
remember the good times and never 
forget the people who picked me up 
when I was down and helped me 
along the way. "There are no 
impossible dreams, just our limited 
perception of what is possible." 

42 Seniors 

'There are no impossible dreams. 

Mcole Waterhouse 

vjicknames: Coley, Cols, N.wizzle, 
:asa de agua, colemaster, C-dawg 
\ctivities: Red Shirt Federation 11, 
112; Teacher's Club 11, 12; Soccer 9, 
10, 11, Capt. 12;Cheerleading 9, 10, 
11, 12; Bleacher Creature 11,12; 
Brown Bag Revolution 12 
Goals: To visit the "homeland" 
With Jesska and Tato. To pursue a 
career in my major and live a 
healthy, happy and succesful life. 






- -■ 

Matthew Wright 

Nicknames: Matty Dub$, Matt, 
Cangsta Wright, Bol 
Activities: Soccer, Tennis, Basket- 
ball 9, Mountain Biking, Cross 

Goals: I'm going to be a race car 

I55J I JNaank 

51 ' ■ K 

* 9 W 

feb 1 

Hi U 

■ I 


Baby Pics 43 

J5W 1 !'.' 'HAJUWIU 

Senior Suverktives 

Most Athletic 
Chelsea Carron, Jose Machado 

Most Likely to Embarrass Family 
Justin Dupuis, Kasia Ciemeea 

Most Likely to Succeed 
Ina Vojtic, Erik Nordbye 

Most Likely to be Remembered 
Jim Hayes, Caroline Moore 

Nicest Eyes 
Katherine O'Malley, Jose Machado 

Nicest Smile 
Itoro Udofia, Louis Adams 

Most Vocal 
Beth Amodeo, Nick Power 

Most Instrumental 
Ina Vojtic, Chris Allard 

Most Talkative 
Pedro Aponte, Caroline Moore 

Marley Lanctot, Eric Thompson 

Most Artistic 
Jack Phomphithak, Marley Lanctot 

Class Clown 
lack Phomphithak, Jessica Rebis 

Class Buddies 

;(,>[ O'Milhyj Jess Rebis/ Jesse Cloutier, Devon Bncharelli 

Best Dressed 
Cindy Alvarado, Kwame Carlor 

Most Stubborn 
Nick Benson, Christina Rios 




Jim Hayes, Kat Damien 

Class Flirt 
Daylin Altiery, Nick Power 

Most Changed Since Freshman Year 
Chris Allard, Daylin Altiery 



46 Student Candids 


"^oozsooiiOOT-^ 1 

Underclassmen 47 



Amanda Albino Francisco Albino Ashlev Allard David Almeida Daynelis Altiery 

Jeanelle Altiery 

Jacquelyn Alvarado Kristopher Anderson Nichole Auclair Eduardo Barajas Amy Bastien Deserae Beaulieu 

Alexander Berry Hailee Bibeau Jennifer Blanchette Jonathan Bonin Prince Browne Justin Bruso 

Shawn Busby Edgar Carrasco Sonia Carrasco Tyshonna Chase Carissa Chenevert Rosaura Contes 

Nicholas Cooney Dean Cournoyer Robert Cournoyer Jonathan Del Hoyo Reama Devone Lee Ann Dodge 

48 Juniors 


jj Amanda Dunphe Samantha Earnest Joanaliz Eliza Charlene Erazo Joshua Forcier Andres Garcia 

Dorcas Garcia Cleaven Gordon Brian Gullekson Oscar Gutierrez Andrew Hollingworth Jesse Humphrey 

jLicwifiilSB TSx 
Holly Lamontagne Andrew Lapointe Richard Leblanc Keith Linkous Philip Livernois Robert Lopes 


Gerardo Melendez Iverangelie Melendez Jenna Merrill Rebecca Messier Thomas Millett Noelia Miranda 

Juniors 49 



Elizabeth Mominee Kevin Mondor Michael Montigny Melissa Murray Steven Niquette Adam Noga 

Joannie Orengo Carlos Ortiz 

Steven Padla Thomas Palmerino Christine Pelletier Nathaniel Peloquin 

Justin Perry Jenna Rodriguez Sean Roldan 

Raul Rosario Angela Sadachahn Horacio Sanchez 

Christopher Santos Jessica Savankham Leiah Scheible Cory Schwall Lisandra Serrano Sarah Smalley 

Caitlin Smick Meghan Smith Colbey Snow 

Milton Soto Simone Soynanhang Mitchell Spenard 

50 Juniors 

Matthew St. Onge 

Jesus Suarez 

Jaimie Szolusha 

Nico Tarquinio Damian Tavernier Carlos Torres 

Jashua Torres 

Jorge Torres Zachary Tretheway Zachary Tucker Jocelyn Valdes 

Jesenia Valle 

Pithy Vann Raquel Vazquez Xiomara Vazquez 

Photo Unavailable 

Nicole Bergeron 

Kenneth Burgos 

Shawn Cheever 

Karen Cruz 

Laura Dembowski 

Carly Dion 

Joshua Dobson 

Thomas Feliciano 

Josue Gonzalez 

Sarah Hausammann 

Tiesha Hence 

Luis Vega 

Matthew Ward Elizabeth Weber 

Lyndsay Hynes 
Alan King, Jr. 

Jacob Lazo 

Trevor Lyman 

Scott Manski 

Kimberley Rodriguez 

Laura Soukkavong 

Raymond St. George 

Philip Torres 

Juniors 51 

Jenna Merrill and Carly Dion enjoying the moment. 

Rich Leblanc and Jus- 
tin Bruso decorating 
snowmen for staff 
Christmas gifts. 

I jay lint ' IXU 

Members of Chorus enjoy a free moment. 

Christina Rios and Damian Tavernier taking 
a break. 

52 Juniors 

Adam Nova and Alex Berry dur- 
ing a quiet moment in the Library. 

. ch one Bates a 9.0 

^ste*' w f Test Earthquakes? 

. e 0* S ^C^ e English ' 


Andrew Hollingsworth waiting for 
the Winter Concert to begin. 

Mr. Lee's chemistry class walking 
the halls for their anuual Christ- 
mas carolling time. 

Justin Bruso, Mike Jenkins, Rich 
LaBlanc and friends during the 
Teacher's Breakfast. 

Juniors 53 


Alba Aponte 

Luis Aulet 

Emmanuel Ayuso Darnel Baez 

Daniela Baez 


Michelle Belanger Christopher Blanchette Yeimy Bonilla Arno Bounphasaysonh Jesse Brousseau 

Dustin Chamberland Lindsey Champney Naiska Cheung 

Angel Colon 

Melissa Croke 



Edward Barnes 

Azeda Browne 

Brandon Brunell Elias Bsoumai Brian Camacho Lurvan Camacho Cory Cane Priscilla Carrasco 

Jose Cruz 

Natachalee Cruz Steven Delage 

Elise Del Hoyo 

Brad Demers 


Jourhana Devil 

Yamil Diaz-Caez 

54 Sophomores 


Class of~7 


Brett Downer Ryan Duquette Malyssa Everhart Chelsea Fernandes Katelyn Ferron Kaitlin Figueroa 

Ace Fontaine Meaghin Fournier Chelsea Frazier David Garceau Yanci Gavidia Charlene Gebo 

Kailey Golebiowski Nathan Gonzalez Raymond Gonzalez Tiffany Gonzalez Joshua Gravel Hillary Hanson 

Mariah Hart William Hayes Aaron Houatchanthara Elizabeth Jachimczyk Brittany Jordan Christina Larson 

Rebecca Lashua Nicole Latti Diana Lazarick Samuel Lazo Yeugeni Levitsky David Livengood 

Sophomores 55 



Nathan Loos Rebecca Losavio Jennifer Lynch Justin McDonald Malcolm Medina Hector Melendez 

Jose Melendez Arlenne Mercado Steven Millett 

Tyler Morrill 

Mihai Nistor 

Joshua Paul 

Justin Peck Ashley Pena George Perez Maylin Perez Roland Porra Patricia Prendiville 

* j£2\ 

Joshua Proulx 

Adam Quinn Jacqueline Ramos Kassandra Ramos Joshua Ramsey Jeffrey Reid 

David Rivera 

Karla Rivera 

Rebecca Rivera Rasheen Roa Alex Rodriguez 

David Rodriguez 

56 Sophomores 

Class of~y 


James Rodriguez Kelvin Rodriguez Luis Rodriguez Victor Rodriguez 

Alfredo Rosario Lillie Rowe 

Luciano Santos 

Marcio Santos Cristina Sluhocki 

Kayla Smith 

Jenna Soper Mary Soukkavong 

Natasha Sowa Ryan Spasaro Abigail St Laurent Katelyn St. Pierre Julianne Thorn 

Derek Tobon 

Crystal Torres Harry Torres 

Jesus Torres Rosemary Velez Brian Waleski Katrina Weaver 

Sophomores 57 


Audrey Weber 

Laura Weinberg 

Photo Unavailable 

Talon Asquith 

Joshua Beauparlant 

Christine Buxton 

Eric Cardenas 

Heather Cardenas 

Sean Crane 

Joshua Embair 
Leandry Figueroa 

Charming Ford 
Eli Hollingworth 

Daniel Lippe 

Alfredo Lopez 
Jonathan Lopez 
Jose Maldonado 

Nathan Perrin 
Iris Rivera 

Joseph Rodriguez 

Monica Rodriguez 

Luis Rojas 

Manuel Rojas 

Hector Rosario 

Daniel Santos 

Tara Tenczar 

Julia Velez 

58 Sophomores 

Chorus students prepare for the 
spaghetti supper. 

Lillie Rowe and Laura Weinberg in 
Mr. Hanrahan's Algebra class. 

Mr. Thomo's U.S. History class 
enjoying some of the exhibits at the 
Salem, MA field trip. 

Mr. McGuirk and Mr. Montigney 
presenting to Ryan Spasaro 1st 
quarter honor roll certificate at the 
breakfast on January 11, 2005. 

Brett Downer and friends enjoying 
the honor roll breakfast. 

Angela Rawson demonstrating the 
equipment during the Salem field 

Sophomores 59 


Jalea Adorno 

Lymarie Albino 

Miguel Alicea 

Joshua Amidon Dariana Aponte 

Antonio Aponte Jr 

Jonathan Arvedon 

Ian Beauparlant Sashira Belfort Elizabeth Blake Stephanie Boadu Jonathan Boisvert 

Russell Bond Jason Brumskine Joseph Buccelli 

Taiz Butler 

Leandra Caldero Amid Carrera 

Jose Carrera Steven Carrington Derek Casaletta Sara Chenier Natasha Colon Felicia Crane 

Nathan Dashnaw Jeffrey Demers Ranita Devone 

Bill Diaz 

Keren Diaz Lauren Digregorio 

60 Freshmen 

Class of O 


Joshua Dresser Yesenia Dunleavy Stephanie Dupuis Marissa Duval 

Karla Espino 

Iris Gavidia George Gomez Jorge Gonzalez 


Rafael Gonzalez Jr Jatara Gray Harold Harwood III 

■ A 

Lauren Hatch Meagan Hebert Michael Hibbard John Horton Katelyn Jernigan Jessica Jimenez 

Somchet Keophaymany Sean Keovilay Laura Konicki Nathan Lamay Tonie Lamica 


Maja Langford 

Freshmen 61 

Andres Laracuente Kirsten Larson 

Sean Lavallee 

Allen Leduc 

elemen\® -r 

Trevor Lewis Terri Livernois 

Christian Lopez 

Indi Lopez 

Juan Lopez 

Luis Lopez 

Maria Lopez 

Mariselle Lopez 

Nicholas Mach 

Justice Maldonado 

Kary Maldonado Wilson Marcano Jr Jarrod Marrie 

Siobhan Masse 

Juan Morales 

Derek Morrell 

David Ocasio Lorena Ordonez 

Arielle Ortiz 

Jonathan Ortiz 

62 Freshmen 

\ 1 

RaysaMarie Rivera Edumar Rodriguez Esmeralda Rodriguez Michael Rodriguez Schaniece Rodriguez Sheila Rodriguez 

Iris Marie Rojas 

Jocelyn Rojas 

Javier Rosario 

a"; a ■ > J : v:'\ 

Marco Rosario Beatriz Sagastibelza Milissa Sagastibelza 

Freshmen 63 

Carmen Santana 

Marcos Santiago 

Orlando Santos 

Christopher Sargent 

Corey Savoie 

Justin Savoie 

Melonie Scheible Hector Serrano 

David Stanger Danielle St. Onge Josel Torres 

Paula Torres 

Stephanie Torres Tyler Trinque 

Cory Trucheon 

Kristine Valle Andres Vazquez Zuleika Vazquez 

Felix Vega 

Photo Unavailable 

David Alvis 

Carlos Aponte 

Jonathan Arsenault 

Nicholas Barnes 

Alicia Cepeda 

Andrea Champagne 

Joseph Champagne 

Jeremy Dresser 

Mae Ekstrom 

Monica Velez Miguel Villefranc Tighe Wilhelmy 

Lauren Wilson 

64 Freshmen 

William Fife 

Brian Figueroa 

Heather Grzembski 

Rafael Guevara 

Yajaira Jimenez 

Jamill Jones 

Caitlyn Laliberte 

Rebecca Lambert 

Julian Laracuente 

Thomas Libby 

Paul Lopez 

Jessica McDonald 

Chamik Mendez 

Christopher Oathout 

Ivonne Ortiz 

Jose Pagan 

Joseph Partlow 

Ingrid Penalvert 

Kevin Perez 
Ashley Rodriguez 

Sarah Taylor 

Jose Torres 

Keonne Whitelow 

David Zayas 

^o? SO oisooi^ ot 


Sports 65 

' 7 

c>. 1 

v © <p 

^gnjjjjj^^ ' 

66 Fall Sports 

J.V. Football 

Fall Sports 67 

Varsity Football 

•1 J&2C.. - 1 -is. 

m t 

— ■" 7 ** >■ — __, 

- '' 

3 — ^i^- 

■ l m *t£ — J 

Team Players: Seniors: Arron Tetlow, Steve Brunell, Kwame Carlor, Jose Machado, Nick Power, Mike Nikolla, Matt 
Champney, Pedro Aponte, Marc St. Pierre, Leonard Bean, Robert Dunphe, Justin Filo, Mike Towle, and Jaye Strait; 
Juniors: Carlos Torres, Shawn Busby, Andrew Hollingworth, Trevor Lyman, Luis Vega, T.J. Palmerino, Matt Ward, 
Jake Lazo, Nick Cooney, Jon Bonin, Alex Berry, Sean Roldan, Jerry Melendez, Cory Schwall, Damian Tavernier; 
Sophomores: Josh Ramsey, Jose Melendez, Brandon Brunell, Angel Colon, Steve Delage, Sam Lazo, Brett Downer, 
Chris Blanchette, Josh Paul, Adam Quinn, Arno Bouphasasonh, Brian Camacho, Aaron Houchantara; Freshmen: 
Calos Aponte, Jose Rivera, Nate Dashna w, Nate Lamay, Allen Led uc, Justice Maldonado, Wilson Marcado; Coaching 
Staff: Frank Koumanelis, Tony Santilli, Shawn McNamara, Josh Blanchette, Billy Sullivan, and Bill Hibbard 

68 Fall Sports 

Team Captains: Nick Power, Steve Brunell, Leonard 
Beane, and Matt Champney 

Thanksgiving everts 

P d2 

Fall Sports 69 


Seniors: Daylin Altiery, Erika Larson, Caroline Moore, Lindsey Collins; Juniors: 
Daynelis Altiery; Sophomores: Jenna Soper, Liz Rowe, Rebecca Losavio, Natashai 
Sowa, Ashley Pena; Freshmen: Stephanie Dupuis, Marissa Duval, Kirsten Larson; 
Caitlyn Laliberte, Ashley Power, Ileana Morales, Arlin Paredes 

70 Fall Sports 

Cross Cquktsy 

Cross Country Members: Coach Steven Hennigan, Olga 
Dunchik, Itoro Udofia, Katarzyna Ciemiega, Katie 
Jernigan, and Steven Carrington 

Fall Sports 71 



Seniors: Devon Bucharelli, Matt Folkes, Raul Rosario; Juniors: Bob Cournoyer, 
Mike Jenkins, Andrew Lapointe, Steve Niquette, NicoTarquinio; Sophmores: 
Victor Rodrigez, Nathan Loos; Freshmen: Marco Rosario, Derek Casaletta, 
Bruno Ribeiro, Joe Riley, Tighe Wilhelmy, Alex Melendez 

Boys Soccer Lockeroom 
72 Fall Sports 

Gibls Varsity Soccer 

fe.'? p -'» 

Chelsea Carron, Kat O'Malley, Nicole Waterhouse, Nichole Auclair, Amy Bastien, 

Leanne Dodge, Jenna Kaitbenski, Songkane Keophamany, Lindsey Champney, 

Katelyn Ferron, Crystal Torres, Rosie Velez, Liz Blake, Lauren DiGregorio, Megan Captains: Chelsea Carron 

Hebert, Somchet Keophamany, Danielle St. Onge, Lauren Wilson and Nicole Waterhouse 



Fall Sports 73 


Bobby Lopes, Justin Bruso, Adam Noga, Richard Leblanc, Josh Gravel, Ryan Spasaro, 
Josh Proulx; Coach Peter Frey 

74 Fall Sports 


Fall Sports 75 

Tabatha Gardner, Magen Lapointe, Stephanie Goulter, Katelyn Chenier, Jaimie 
Szolusha, Caitlin Smick, Rebecca Messier, Joanaliz Eliza, Carly Dion, Karen 
Cruz, Yajaira Jimenez, Raquel Vazquez, Elizabeth Mominee, Julie Thorn, Jenni- 
fer Lynch, Kirsten Larson, Kailey Golebiowski, Katelyn St. Pierre, Melissa Croke, 
Elizabeth Jachimczyk, Audrey Weber, Lauren Hatch, Ariel Ortiz, Terri Livernois, 
Karla Espino 



-Nr** ^M 




1 y >m 


Bl 1 

76 Fall Sports 

J.V. Field Hockey 

Fall Sports 77 

^ 2 


1 • . . 


|^^ ^ « m 

t m n^ 

^2 4B 



91 ^» 


78 Sports Candids 


iw mm ?:g 





fftACK " 




:• ! 


iA£K© FIELD ^5,^,^,3 ww 



ttUt i BALL 





Sports Candids 79 

Boys J.V. Basketball 

Ryan Spasaro, Brian Figueroa, Luis Rodriquez, Tony Aponte, Miguel 
Villefranc, Angel Colon, George Perez, Joe Riley, Stephen Carrington, 
Marco Rosario, Connor Gauthier, Alfredo Rosario, Edward Barnes, Emanual 

ea isee JJ* 


80 Boys JV Basketball 

Luis Vega, Dean Cournoyer, Brian Figueroa, Carlos Ortiz, Gerardo 

Melendez, Jose Machado, Kwame Carlor, David Stanger, Carlos 

Torres, Raul Rosario, Louis Adams, Francisco Albino 





Captains: Jose Machado, 
Kwame Carlor, Louis Adams 



Boys Basketball 81 


Captains: Lindsey Collins, Caroline Moore, Nicole 
Waterhouse; Jackie Alvarado, Hailee Bibeau, Lindsey 
Champney, Carly Dion, Kaitlyn Figueroa, Rebecca Losavio, 
Ashley Power, Liz Rowe, Carmen Santana, Jenna Soper, 
Natasha Sowa 

82 Winter Cheering 

Sports Candids 83 

Gihls J.V. Basketball 

Mariah Hart, Dariana Aponte, Jeanelle 
Altiery, Liz Blake, Stephanie Dupuis, 
Coach Lynch, Meagan Hebert, Joanaliz 
Eliza, Yajaira Jimenez, Limarie Resto, 
Rosemary Velez 

84 Girls JV Basketball 

Ina Vojtic, Liz Blake, Danielle St. Onge, Lauren Wilson, Crystal 
Torres, Kasia Ciemiega, Taiz Butler, Dariana Aponte, Tara 
Tenczar, Nichole Auclair, Sashira Belfort; Coaches: Dave 
Bridgeo, Bob Wilson, Kelly Lynch (not shown) 


Girls Varsity Basketball 


86 Sports Candids 







Ifc'---- "" : 

Captains: Phil Dashnaw, Keith Renaud, 

Kevin Renaud; Jarred Bigness, Miguel 

Santiago, Matt Champney, Justin Filo, 

Jonathan Del Hoyo, Andrew Hollingworth, 

Jesus Suarez, Josh Gravel, Josh Ramsey, 

Ace Fontaine 

Varsity Baseball 87 

88 Sports Candida 


• • ' i 

Varsity Softball 89 

Boys Teuis 

90 Boys Tennis 



Tatiana Savankham, Katelyn Merrill, Devon Masse, Catherine Blake, 
Jenna Jalbert, Coach Gately, Caitlin Smik, Jamie Szolusha, Elizabeth 
Jachimczyk, Chelsea Carron. 

Girls Tennis 91 

Clubs & 

! °o: son 5001 500^ 

92 Clubs/Organizations 


Front Row: Ashley Allard, Jenna Merrill, Carly Dion, Beth Amodeo, Itoro Udofia, Marysol Maldonado, Ashley Pena 
Second Row: Richard Leblanc, Steve Delage, Victor Rodriguez, Lauren Wilson, Jenna Soper, Natasha Sowa, Jennifer Lynch, Leiah Schieble, 

Audrey Weber, Christina Rios, Mrs. Garieri 

Third Row: Damien Tavernier, Justin Bruso, Laura Weinberg, Rebecca Lasavio, Liz Blake, Lauren Hatch, Kailey Golebiowski 

Back Row: Mrs. Carlson, Mathew St. Onge, Andrew Philbrook, Jake Lazo, Mike Towle, Adam Noga, Mike Jenkins, David Ocasio 

Clubs/Organizations 93 

Hatiohal Hoiiofi Society 

Front Row: Chris Allard, Caroline Moore, Jesse Cloutier, Erika Larson, Kat Damian, Ina Vojtic, Jenna Kaitbenski, Elizabeth Weber, Nico 


Middle Row: Beth Amodeo, Marley Lanctot, Magen Lapointe, Kat O'Malley, Felicia Asomaning, Krysta Jovan, Caitlin Smick, Elizabeth Murray, 

Elizabeth Mominee; 

Back Row: Itoro Udofia, Lindsey Collins, Erik Nordbye, Devon Bucharelli, Brian Gullekson, Richard LeBlanc, Matt St. Onge, Matt Ward, Jose 

Machado, Ashley Allard, Mike Jenkins, Jenna Merrill, Adam Nogo, Alex Berry, Mrs. Allard & Mr. Cournoyer (shown below), Advisors. 


94 Clubs/Organizations 

President Ina Vojtic and 
Vice President Erik Nordbye 

aitlin Smick, Rebecca Losavio, Magen Lapointe, Jessica Jones, Jenna Merrill, Lauren Hatch, Erin McNally, Annemie Thomas, Jennifer Blanchette, 
latelyn Jernigan, JoAnnie Orengo, Christina Larson, Raquel Vasquez, Elizabeth Weber, Elizabeth Jachimczyk, Amy Bastien, Noelia Miranda, 
^atelyn Chenier, Abigail St. Laurent, Stephanie Goulter, Terri Livernois, Stephanie Dupuis, Lauren DiGregorio, Maylin Perez, Jacquelyn Alvarado, 
leagan Hebert, Siobhan Masse, Ina Vojtic, Hector Melendez, Jaimie Szolusha, Daynelis Altiery, Brad Demers, Karla Espino, Rafael Gonzalez, Jose 
Carrera, Andrew Lapointe, Christopher Allard, Danielle St. Onge, Audrey Weber, James Hayes, Zachary Tretheway, Mathew St. Onge, Steven 
'Jiquette, David Livengood, Sean Roldan, William Hayes, Thomas Palmerino, Hillary Hanson, Steven Millett, Felix Resto, Elias Bsoumai, Mariet 
.soumai, Kevin Mondor, Itoro Udofia, Justin Bruso, Clifford Molina, Eric Thompson, Nicole Auclair, George Perez, Trevor Lyman, Matthew Ward, 
|uis Ortiz, Brandon Brunell, Jonathan Bonin, Miguel Villefranc, Christian Lopez, Derek Tobin, Jack Phomphithak. 

Clubs /Organizations 95 


^r j> 

lir^k •*"" 


^Hl fl| 

HJi o| 




[" j^-Jj -i '- JF w! 


■r alB^^r^^ ^» 1 ' 

9\ 1 K It- 1 

IBP? h Jl^ 


r'A m m 


Amanda Albino, Lymarie Albino, Joshua Amidon, Nicholas Barnes, Stephanie Boadu, Prince Browne, Jason Brumskine, Stephen Brunell, T 
Butler, Derek Casaletta, Sara Chenier, Naiska Cheung, Nicholas Cooney, Felicia Crane, Ranita Devoe, Brett Downer, Yesenia Dunleavy, Amar 
Dunphe, Samantha Earnest, Malyssa Everheart, Charming Ford, Charlene Geba, Raymond Gonzalez, Heather Grzembski, Andrew Hollingwoi 
Aaron Houatchanthara, Jessica Jimenez, Jenna Kaitbenski, Laura Konicki, Nichole LaFrance, Caitlyn Laliberte, Nathan Lamay, Rebecca Lambf 
Allen Leduc, Lynna Ly, Jose Machado, Kary Maldonado, Luis Melendez, Arielle Ortiz, Joseph Pratlow, Sarah Peloquin, Ashley Pena, Kevin Per 
Andrew Philbrook, Ashley Power, Nick Power, Jose Rivera, Kristie Robidoux, Luis Rodriguez, Corey Savoie, Shaunna Sisco, Colbey Snow, Jer 
Soper, Aaron Tetlow, Jesus Torres, Jocelyn Valdes, Zuleika Vazquez, Monica Velez, Rosalind Velez, Nicole Waterhouse, Katrina Weaver, Tip 
Wilhelmy, Michelle Belanger, Janet Carrasco, Karen Cruz, Deirdra Cullen, Vladimir Devil, Olga Dunchik, Katelyn Ferron, Tabatha Gardn 
Arlenne Mercado, Rebecca Messier, Sheena Pena, Christina Rios, Lillie Rowe, Kayla Smith, Natasha Sowa, Marc St. Pierre, Julianne Thorn, Lan 
Weinberg, Gloria Amodeo, Felicia Asomaning, Katarzyna Ciemiega, Jourhana Devil, Kaitlyn Figueroa, Tyler Morrill, Kassandra Ramos, Mam 

I I I I 

96 Clubs/Organizations 


ront Row: Xiomara Vasquez, Katherine O'Malley, Erik Nordbye, Andrew Philbrook 

ack Row: Ms. Marble, Advisor, Ina Vojtic, Caroline Moore, Rosaura Contes, Rebbecca Rivera, Ms. Toelken, Advisor 

Clubs /Organizations 97 

Art Club 

ipTff i»»fr .|"1'P 

Front Row: Caroline Moore, Chelsea Carron, Katherine O'Malley, Erik Nordbye 
Back Row: Devon Bucharelli, Marley Lanctot, Mrs. Coggins. Not shown: Kat Damian 

Teachers Club 

Pedro Aponte, Marysol Maldonado, Jessica Rebis, Daylin Altiery, Ms. Carlson, Advisor. Not shown: Christina Rios, Kat O'Malley, Erik 

Nordbye, Nicole Waterhouse 

98 Clubs/Organizations 

uichard LeBlanc; Justin Bruso, Pedro Aponte, Marysol Maldonado; Vladimir Devil. Not shown: Damian Tavernier, Adam Noga, Michael Nikolla, 
'lichael Towle, Carly Dion, Andrew Philbrook 


Back: Anna Thomas, Leah Scheible, David Ocasion, Melonie Scheible; 
Front: Nico Tarquinio, Mr. Brako (Advisor), Melissa Murrey 

The Newspaper's first edition was published 10-26-04, named "The Red Eye" 

Clubs /Organizations 99 

Math Team 

5^-2.)+ ^ 6 

)&-Z-t 2Le>6 5 /t- 

Jennifer Lynch, Victor Rodriguez, Edward Barnes, Malissa Everhart, Michael Jenkins, Naska Cheung, Mihai Nistor, Ryan Spasaro, Aaron 
Houatchanthara, Mr Andrews, Advisor. Not shown: Richard LeBlanc, Brian Gullekson, Brad Demers, Nico Tarquinio 

Back: Mr. Campbell, Nathan Gonzalez, Colby Snow, Dr. McLeod 
Front: Jeremy Dresser, Jesse Bruso, Jorge Gonzalez 

100 Clubs/Organizations 

Volleyball Club 

Front Row: Stephanie Torres, Sashira Belfort, Zulieka Vasquez, Keila Vasquez, Horacio Sanchez, Malyssa Everhart; 

Middle Row: Mr. Buffum-Advisor, Jonathan DelHoyo, Kelvin Rodriquez, Philip Torres, Marcio Santos, Rebecca Lashua, Mrs. Rios-Advisor; 

Back Row: Jose Pagan, Jonathan Ramos, Colbey Snow, Mihai Nistor, Jesus Torres. 

School Bank 




Mary Rosario, Christina Rios, Johannalys Alicia, Holly Lamontagne, Pedro Aponte, Sarah Choiniere, Cheli Rosario, Xiomara Vazquez, Ms. 
Dranginis-Training Supervisor, Jonathan Dube. Not shown: Cynthia Alvarado, Robert Cournoyer, Christina Kamizirides, Kwame Carlor, 

Nick Benson, Simone Soynanhang, Mrs. Allard-Coordinator 

Clubs/Organizations 101 

Student Leaders 

Front Row: Cynthia Alvarado, Kat Damian 

Middle Row: Ina Vojtic, Caitlin Smick, Jaime Szolusha, Jenna Soper 

Back Row: Advisor-Mrs. Gately, Erika Larson, Chelsea Carron, Tabatha Gardner, Jen Lynch, Amy Bastien. Not shown: Olga Dunchik 

Ski Club 

Andrea Carlson-Advisor, Matt Folkes, Sakhone Sayavong, Cliff Molina, Justin Bruso, Matt St. Onge, Caitlin Smick, Josh Forcier, Adam Noga, 
Richard LeBlanc, Mike Jenkins, Ian Morril, Robert Lopes, Steve Padla. Not shown: Lindsay Champney, Jamie Szolusha, Natasha Sowa, Laura 
Weinberg, Advisors: John Cournoyer, Kristen Brunelle, Karin Checka. 

102 Clubs /Organizations 

Step Club 

Jessica Jimenez, Kristine Valle, Monica Velez, Jesus Torres, Stephanie Boadu, Jetara Gray, Jason Brumskine, Destiny Espino; Not shown: 
Ms. Thompson, Advisor, Lymarie Albino, Ranita DeVone 

Peer Mediators 

Prince Browne, Carly Dion, Damian Tavernier; Not Shown: Ms. Carlson, Advisor, Matt Wright, Alex Berry, Andrew Philbrook, Justin 
Bruso, Liz Blake, Jenna Soper, Ashley Pena, David Almeida, Christina Kamizirides 

Clubs/Organizations 103 

104 Graduation 



— ^j 






"T^"^- — 

King: Chris Ciukaj ^ 
Queen: Guida Marcucci 

f *> I 


1 > 

• ■ 

Prom Court: Carlos Cepeda, 
Tatiana Savankhoum, Jay Cooper, 
Kate Bonadies 

Prom 105 

W|NjEr CaRn>V a 

February 14-18, 2005 

Red & White Day, Twins Day, Talent Show, Pep Rally, College Bowl, Hawaiian Shirt Day, 

Hat Day, "Midnight in Paris" Semi-formal 

...Where's Gof 
my COW? H ilk? 

Louis " Luck" Adams and Justin "Money" 
Filo, winners of the Southbridge High 
Shootout Contest. 

106 Winter Carnival 


107 Winter Carnival 


Village Photo: who photographed all of the sports teams and special events. 

Mr. John Soldani: for his technical assistance and for allowing us to use his graphic arts room 

computers and printer. 

Mr. David Forbes of the "Southbridge Evening News": who supplied this yearbook with the 

Spring 2004 sports photos. 

AND everyone else who helped make this year's yearbook a SUCCESS!! 


108 Candids 

... AHQ HOW A 

SPOHSORS... ~c^ r 

h °OZ sooi 5001 ^ l 

Sponsors 109 

Congratulations to 
the Class of 2005 

From Everyone at: 

Village Photo 

Professional Quality 
Photofinishing and Portrait Studio 

Route 131, 69 Main Street 

Fiske Hill Plaza 

Sturbridge, MA 01566 


Keep Smiling! 1 . 


110 Advertisements 

Vladas Litani, MD, FCCP 

Board Certified ABIM & 
Pulmonary Medicine 

Medical Arts Building 

100 South Street 

Suite 202 

Southbridge, MA 01550 

Phone: (508) 764-4885 

Fax: (508) 764-4799 
E-mail: vlitani(5) 


Class of 



Wff PICK-UP svwmYi 


Copies • Postcards 

Business Cards 
Brochures & more... 


fcplfa Wtar 

High-Speed Copying 
Printing • Typesetting 
Binding • Public Fax 
Laminating -Invitations 
Desk Top Publishing 

Stephen J. Mauro 

508-765-1565 • FAX 508-764-1492 
22 Central St. Southbridge, MA 01550 

E mail: 

Tel. 508-764-7415 

Fax 508-765-1963 

fflormfer ^feelers 

42 Central Street - Southbridge, MA 01550 

John Cormier 



CLASS OF 2005 






Business 111 


You Consider 

Your Financial 



Savers Bank 

For All Your 

Financial Needs 

www saversbank com 


112 Sponsors 

Class of 2005, 

Thank you for letting me participate in our 
graduation. I wish I could have been there all 
those years. If you can learn anything by 
knowing me or looking at me I hope its cour- 
age, determination, going after what you want 
most, and not to get involved in drugs or 
alcohol. I'm a victim and believe me its diffi- 
cult, eighteen surgeries after and I'm still fight- 
ing. Please make good choices. Go after all 
your dreams and remember only you can make 
dreams happen. Don't ever give up. 

Your Friend Always, 



You're the best. You're so special to us. You proved to all of us that we are capable of doing 
anything. You will always be our hero and someone that we look up to. 



You are the best son I could ever ask for. You 
have been an inspiration to all of us. Kyle, no 
matter what lies ahead of us we will get through 
it together. You have been through so much, 
your strength, attitude, and love has brought 
us to where we are today. Your father would 
be so proud. Always remember how much he 
loves you and carry him in your heart always. 

Kyle, you are our hero, stay focused and 
stay determined and don't ever give up. We 
all love you so very much and we will always 
be here for you. 



Sponsors 113 

Johanna, Krystan, Kat, and Denise 

It takes half of our life to find true friends and half of it keeping them. I am lucky to have spent 
less than half of my life finding you girls and wish to spend the rest keeping your friendship. 

Years will fly, tears may dry, but my friendship with you girls will never die! 

As we go on, we remember 

All the times we have had together 

And as our lives change, from whatever 

We will still be, friends forever Vitimin C 

I just wanted to wish you girls the best of luck in everything you do after high school and, you know, I will 
always be here for you! I love you girls! Love, Ck.iii.tina 

We are very proud of you and your accomplishments. Good luck in 
college and don't forget that we will always be here for you. 

i Que Dios te bendiga! 

£^v{om., U^>ad, d\l\axaoi., U^xxuid, ana IBiandu 

114 Sponsors 

Dearest Jonathan: 

It seems like only yesterday the Doctor said "It's a boy". I was so happy and 
proud then, and I'm so happy and proud now. You had a lot of hurdles to jump 
during your childhood. You started out fighting to survive and even though you 
may not remember any of it now, you gave a great fight and proved to everyone 
you are strong, brave, brilliant, handsome and funny. You will go on in life to 
succeed at anything you set your sights on. I remember so well your first smile, 
on your first birthday you took your first steps, the first mud puddle I got you to 
play in, the day you started riding your bike you just climbed on and took off, 
ready to go anywhere your legs would take you, the first day of kindergarten, the 
day your got your license (a very scary day for me). Now you'll be 
graduating... I just cannot believe it. You're a young man now. I am so 
proud of all you have done and all you will continue to do. I look at you 
and know you will get far, and I will be stading tall and proud, telling 
everyone "that's my son". You have a kindness about you that shows in 
all you do. Your little brother has been a very lucky boy to have had your 
help over the years. You have great patience and kindness toward him 
and you have taught him so much. I know you will continue to grow and 
help others in your college and working years. Your knowledge is sure to 
benefit many people. 

Jonathan, please know that I want only the best for you and I want you to 
be happy in your life, and I will suppport any choices you make. I love you 

and am ever so proud of you. Love, <J\l{om. 

It seems as if we have been writing a book together from the 
time you were born. It's quiet beginning with "Once upon a 
time..." has turned into a memoir spanning 17 years. We've 
traveled through good and bad, pain and hope, cries and 
laughter, sometimes all at the same time. Like a chest full 
of old pictures, broken dolls, birthday cards and hair 
locks, my heart will forever keep our treasures. We've 
come far together... 

The time has come for me to step aside and let you write the 
next chapter by yourself. I know it will be unique and exciting - 
just as you are. I can't wait to turn the page and see what 
happens next... 

Thank you for being my best friend and allowing me to be 

Love, ^Mom 

Sponsors 115 

We are all so very proud of you! Congratulations on 
all of your achievements. Work hard and all of your 
dreams will come true. The world is at your finger- 

We love you so much!! 

-baddu, d\l\Qm, -Jim, ^yVonna d\OL£ and dvornia (~oia 

Congratulations ! ! 

It's time for us to let you go 
And spread your wings. 
May God always keep you safe 
Follow your dreams. 

You have made us so proud 

We love you. [bad, <zMom, ^oidij, Qod, & c^tiJia 

116 Sponsors 

From the moment you were born, we knew you 
would turn out to be a very special person. Loving, 
bright, and when Who's Line is it Anyway? is on, 
your laughter can be heard all over the house. We 
love you, and are so proud of you. We hope you 
have a great experience at college. 

Love <zMom, [bad & ^■ndis.m 

Congratulations Matt! 

We know that if you pursue it, you will achieve it! 
We love you and are very proud of the person you 
have become. May your life be blessed. 

Good luck! 

Love cMom & [bad and ^/f dam 


Jaclyn — There are no words to express how much 
we love you and how proud you have made us! 
Enjoy life, keep smiling, and live life to the fullest. 
We know you will succeed in all you do, so don't 
be afraid to reach for the stars!! 

We love you — <J\\om.3(s.vaj &Q&i 







We are proud of you 


Best of Luck! 



With £(ft>e, 
tbe (guidance Q$taff: 


zMrs. J^obk-Toung 

zMrs. £eabey 

<Ms. Tfugas 

zMtss T>revs> 




Jessica — 

Congratulations! We are so proud of you. You've 
accomplished your goals and made many success- 
ful achievements. You've worked hard these past 
four years and we wish you luck in college (al- 
though we know you'll succeed). We love you so 

~d\/[om, [£)ad, ChriitLna and ^MaUiia 

Congrats to our Big Y family! 
Magen, Jaclyn, Tab, Jesse, Beth, Marysol, Katelyn: 

Thanks for all of the memories you've let us share 
together over the years. We are so proud of all of 
you. So enjoy life, set your dreams high, believe in 
yourself, and always remember home is where the 
heart is. 

Love, U\£iiy, ^Paufa,^En, & <J?J?tj 

Sponsors 117 

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."— Chinese Proverb 

"Hitch your wagon to a star."--Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"Remember always that you have not only the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be 

one. "-Eleanor Roosevelt 

"But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?"--Albert Camus 

"One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life. "--Eleanor Roosevelt 

Congratulations, Caroline! We're so proud of you! 

Love, <zA/[om, ^hxxcL, and ^o fin 


Cuss or SODS!! 

May all your goals become a reality! 

from the 


118 Sponsors 

Congratulations to the Class of 2005! 

From the Class of 2006 

Good luck in all of your future endeavors. 

Congratulations Class of 2005 

Enjoy what's ahead! 

You Rock! 

Make it happen! 

Best wishes from the 


Sponsors 119 



Kathryn.... daughter and best friend, 
It is hard to believe that you will 
soon be starting a new chapter in your 
life! I have watched you grow into a 
confident, compassionate, intelligent, 
and beautiful young lady. You have 
worked hard in school and at develop- 
ing your dance talent. God has blessed 
you in so many ways. Never take your 
talents for granted. Always try to be 
the best that you can be. May God 
bless you, guide you, and keep you 
safe as you embark on your journey 
through life. 

What a way for a mother to talk about her 
daughter. Difficult as it may seem, your 
resiliance and character makes my job easier 
as a parent. Your desire to achieve more in 
education and your craving for community 
activities makes an excellent blend for people 
who aspire to achieve great laurels. You are 
this person... an academically conscientious 
individual who is eager to achieve more. 
Congratulations ! 

Love, <=Mc 

Congratulations Chelsea! 
We are all so very proud of you. Watching 
you grow and mature over the years has 
been our greatest pleasure. May you 
achieve all of your dreams and goals and 
strive to do your very best. 
Remember, always be true to yourself. 

120 Sponsors 

Southbridge Lions Club 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 2005 

Sponsors 121 

# LV ''VfHfck BSM& BH HBi H Hi Hft IB 



942 Main St. 
Southbridge, MA 01550 

508-765-9824 phone 
508-765-0160 fax 






CLASS OF 2005! 

To the 

Class of 2005 

Congratulations & 

Best Wishes 

Dexter-Russell® inc. 

44 River Street, Southbridge, MA 01550 USA 

Tel: 508-765-0201 Fax: 508-764-2897 


122 Sponsors 



208 Charlton Road 
Sturbridge, MA 01566 

Southbridge High Alumnus : 

Anne Galonek 

Gary Galonek 

Brian Galonek 

Edward Galonek Jr. 

Elizabeth Galonek 

Lisa Resener 

Debi Choquet 

Jeff Sorel 

Mary Beth Gorman 

Wish you the best in your future endeavors 


We can help you 
turn this 

205 Main Street 



Southbridge High School 

Connecting all offices 



as:s.j»©filtf ||}m 

Equal Opportunity Employer 

Let's build a better future. 



Complete Machine Shop Services 

• Brakes • Exhaust Work 

• Tune-Ups • Major Motor Jobs 

• Hydraulic Hoses made while you wait 

Rear of 125 Marcy St. 
Southbridge, MA 01550 

Paul W. Berry 

yBjfc Certified Auto Repair 
^j|F Certified Auto Machinists 

Certified Parts Specialist 

Member AERA 









1-800-242-ROLL OFF 

P.O. box 820 347-5075 

SOUTHBRIDGE, MA 01550 764-6677 

124 Sponsors 










C Republican inc 
George W. Bush nar 
defeats Democratic 
challenger John Kerry in 
the hotly contested 2004 
presidential election. 


3 Despite assurances that its 
nuclear program intentions are 
peaceful, Iran voluntarily suspends 
its uranium enrichment activities 
in the face of protests from 
NATO and the U.S. 

O Five hurricanes hit the Caribbean Sea, Florida and the 
southeastern U.S. coast in the fall of 2004, causing 
$25 billion in damages. 

Mark Wllson/G 

EPJVSHawn Tliuw/Undov Rogur L. WoJIenberg/UPIi'Undov Mart Wtlton/Gwi , 


Tom Ridge leaves his Health and Human Secretary of State Attorney General John 
position as secretary Services Secretary Tommy Colin Powell Ashcroft relinquishes 

of homeland security. Thompson resigns. steps down. . his cabinet post. 


O Ribbon-shaped 
magnetic stickers 
urging people to 
"Support Our Troops" 
appear on countless 
American cars. 

(J National Security Adviser Condoleezza 
Rice makes history as the first black 

forrmlo tn hppnmo corfQtgry gf state 

)lin Powell. 

O Coalition troops face a persistent terrorist insurgency leading 
up to the Iraq presidential election in January 2005. The war 
costs the lives of over 1,400 coalition troops, as well 
as over 14,000 Iraqi civilians. 


fjfl ■: 'VasilyftKlbsenko/Reulers/Corbis 


O The United Nations 
reports the AIDS 
epidemic is growing 
in Africa and worsening 
dramatically across 
eastern Europe 
and Asia. 

O After more than a 
year of ceasefire, civil 
war re-ignites in the 
Ivory Coast as a result 
of President Gbagbo's 
ordering air strikes 
on rebel positions. 

Ortome Oghene/EPA/Lando* 



O The Ukrainian Supreme Court 
invalidates that country's disputed 
presidential election because of vote 
tampering. In the revote, pro-West 
opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko 
claims victory. 

3 In September, Chechen rebels kill 
more than 430 people in a series of 
terrorist attacks in Russia, including 
the bloody attack on an elementary 

O After 22 months, the conflict in the 
Darfur region of Sudan continues to 
grow, leaving more than 2.3 million 
Africans in need of humanitarian aid. 

Karel Prinsloo/APflVide World Photos 

J*< , 


human interest 

C According to the Lance Armstrong 
Foundation, over 20 million people 
are wearing the yellow "Livestrong" 
wristbands that help fund and promote 
the organization's cancer research. 

C In September, Microsoft Chairman 
Bill Gates announces a $168 million 
donation to fund malaria research. 

O The National World War I 
Memorial is unveiled in 
Washington, D.C., in 
honor of the millions of 
Americans who served 
during World War II in 
the military and on the 
home front. 

£ A prolonged deployment 
of over 200,000 U.S. 
troops to Iraq leaves 
many families struggling 
at home. 


C Portable photo printers 
that do not require 
a computer are a 
hot item for digital 
camera owners. 

^ Hong Kong-based toymaker 
Wow Wee Ltd. sells 1 .5 million 
Robosapiens since the toy's 
introduction in April. Among other 
"talents," the $100 robot can belch 
and pass gas on command. 


O The Food and Drug Administration links the use of 
antidepressants such as Zoloft, Paxil and Prozac 
to suicidal behavior in teens. 


EasyShare prmlec dock plus 

Brendan Mcdermid/EPA/Landov 


EPA/Joe Polimem.AP/Wide World Photos 

O SpaceShipOne, 
the world's first 
privately developed 
spacecraft, is named 
"2004 Invention 
of the Year" by 
Time magazine. 

O Apple's iPod is the 
year's hottest tech 
gadget, fashion 
accessory and 
advertising personality, 
all in one credit- 
card-size package. 

O After four years on the market 
and billions of dollars in revenue, 
pharmaceutical company Merck 
recalls the arthritis drug Vioxx 
due to increased risk for 
cardiovascular disease. 

Z) General Motors releases 
the industry's first full-size 
gas-electric hybrid pickup 
truck, the Chevrolet Silverado. 

O Toshiba's HD DVD and Sony's 
Blu-ray battle for supremacy 
over the next generation of DVD 
technology. Major movie studios 
are evenly divided in their backing 
of the two technologies. 


i i 

(J Designer dog breeds like 
the "Goldendoodle." an 
allergy-friendly cross between 
a golden retriever and 
a poodle, are in high demand. 

3 African lions join the 
endangered species list 
because they are being 
killed to protect domestic 
livestock and their habitats 
are being destroyed. 

O Although Saturn's rings look solid from Earth, images taken by the 
international Cassini spacecraft show they are more like rivers of dust 
and ice, with particles ranging in size from specks to mountains. 


Pierre Hdllz/Reuters/Corbis 

rroy wayrynen/AP/Wide World Ptiolos 

O Swarms of locusts destroy millions 
of acres of crops in West Africa. 

C In September, astronomers 
announce the discovery in the 
Milky Way galaxy of a new and 
possibly abundant class of planets. 

(J On a remote island in Indonesia, 
scientists find 18,000-year-old 
skeletons of a hobbit-like human 
species that grew no larger than 
today's average three-year-old child. 

Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters/Landov 

O In October, Mount 
St. Helens vents 
ash and steam for 
the first time since 
its major eruption 
in 1980. 

£ Threatened by 
the spread of 
chemicals and global 
warming, polar 
bears are added 
to the endangered 
species list. 

Retro brooches are back 

Ugg knockolfs are popular 

C Knitted ponchos are fall's 
hottest new fashion trend, 
gracing the shoulders of 
your classmates and your 
favorite celebrities. 

Squish pillows are a must-have 

O Pocket bikes top holiday wish 
lists despite safety warnings 
that they are not toys. 

Pink is the hot new color 

O Airbrush tans, capable of lasting five to 14 days, provide a 
fashionable and safer alternative to harmful ultra-violet rays 

O Whether genuine or ordered new 
from a custom T-shirt store on the 
Web, vintage '80s iron-on T-shirts 
are a hot fashion commodity. 

O Catch phrases used to encourage 
people to get out and vote become 
a fashionable cause, appearing on 
everything from T-shirts to ties. 

3 Thanks to the popular movie 
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, 
the high-flying, body-bashing 
sport makes its way back into 
gymnasiums across the country. 

^jMhaone P.clures/Coui 

^stiiemi Collection 

Courtesy: Everett Collection 

Napoleon Dynamite 

Star Wars: Episode Ill-Revenge of the Sith National Treasure The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie 


C Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet 
garner Golden Globe 
nominations for Eternal 
Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 
which also earns a nod for Best 
Picture, Musical or Comedy. 

3 Johnny Depp scores 
his second straight 
Oscar nomination 
for Best Actor with 
his performance in 
Finding Neverland. 

<_) Shrek 2 ranks third on the list of the 100 top-grossing movies, 
with a total haul of just over $436 million. 

O The Incredibles, Pixar 
and Disney's movie 
about a superhero 
family trying to live 
a normal life in 
the suburbs, is a 
box-office smash. 

Clint Eastwood 
directs another hit 
with Million Dollar 
Baby, starring 
Hilary Swank as a 
31 -year-old boxer. 

O Jamie Foxx delivers an eerily 
convincing and Oscar-nominated 
performance as the late Ray 
Charles in Ray. 

3 Already named best picture by 

film critics from New York to 

Los Angeles, independent film 

Sideways finds even more 

celebrity with a leading seven 

Golden Globe nominations. 

J) The Aviator, starring Leonardo 
DiCaprio in the role of eccentric 
billionaire Howard Hughes, earns 
eleven Oscar nominations. 


I 7 

Kevin FoleyA^NflC/Coutlesy. Everett Collection 


1 kl 


■ L 


«*■ /i»*n 

NBC's "Joey" 

"Seinfeld" is released on DVD 

The WB's "One Tree Hill" 

ABC's "Wife Swap" 

.'Counesy Evetetl Collodion is NBC'Cotiresy Everelt Collection 

£ Ty Pennington and company 
improve lives while making 
homes better on the successful 
ABC home improvement 
show "Extreme Makeover: 
Home Edition." 

O Fox's "Arrested Development" 
wins the Emmy for Best 
Comedy Series after an 
inaugural year that is critically 
acclaimed but poorly rated. 

(J Stephen. "Lo," Kristen and friends bring their real Orange County 
adventures to MTV in the hit reality show "Laguna Beach." 

Rodngo VarelaWirelmage com 


O "You're fired!" becomes a household 
phrase as Donald Trump plows 
through executive wannabes on his 
hit NBC show, "The Apprentice." 

C ABC gets big ratings from its new 
hit drama "Lost," the intriguing 
story of 48 plane crash survivors 
stranded on an island. 

£ To kick off her 1 9th season of 
" CBS's "The Oprah Winfrey Show," 
Oprah and Pontiac join forces 
to give each of the 276 audience 
members a brand new Pontiac G6. 

O Pausing and recording 
live television with 
DVR is rapidly replacing 
VCRs in households 
across America. 

C Before his unbelievable 
74-game winning 
streak comes to an 
end, NBC's "Jeopardy" 
contestant Ken 
Jennings wins 
$2,520,700 — a TV 
game show record. 
He delivers over 2,700 
correct responses. 

© Nancy Kaszarman'2uma/Cot{] 

Destiny s Child reunites 

Joss Stone 

C With bands like Interpol, 
The Killers and Snow Patrol, 
alternative rock returns to 
the mainstream music 
scene in a big way. 

Julie Roberts 

Green Day Ray Charles dies at age 73 

J) U2's new album How to 
Dismantle an Atomic Bomb 
hits No.1 in Billboard magazine, 
and the band is inducted into 
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 
in March 2005. 

4J Rapper Kanye West collects a whopping 10 Grammy nominations, 
including Album of the Year, for his debut The College Dropout. 

^Ik * 


O Nelly continues to 
wrap up big sales 
and hit songs with the 
simultaneous release 
of his two albums, 
Sweat and Suit. 

Ashlee Simpson, 
Jessica's younger 
sister, makes 
headlines with her 
triple-platinum debut 
album Autobiography 
and a lip-synching 
gaffe on NBC's 
"Saturday Night Live." 

S SA\ X 

v » 

O Pop superstar Prince gives his concert 
ticket-holders something to cheer 
about before the concerts start . . . 
a free copy of his Musicology CD. 

O Legendary '80s alternative rock band 
The Pixies, known for inspiring 
"grunge" music, reunites after 
13 years for a sold-out U.S. 
and European tour. 

5 In December, Usher 
dominates the Billboard 
Music Awards, taking home 
11 awards, including Album 
of the Year for Confessions. 





Video game giant Electronic 
Arts buys exclusive rights 
to the teams, players and 
stadiums of the NFL for 
its popular Madden video 
game franchise. 

"Mario Golf Advance Tour" 

#7tttfta K E E A "C E / R ' : 

"Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" 

After three years, Microsoft 
and Bungie Studios release 
the most eagerly anticipated 
video game sequel, Halo 2. 
Over 5 million copies of the 
game sell in the first month. 

O The newest trend in video games is to go "old school," with 
plug-and-play systems featuring '80s games from the likes of 
Atari and Namco. 

O 2004 is the year of celebrities having 
babies, as Courtney Cox-Arquette, 
Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, 
Julia Roberts, Liv Tyler and others 
all become first-time mothers. 


Thousands of young people 
become avid poker players, a trend 
sparked by TV shows featuring 
tournaments for celebrities and 
professional poker players. 

C The challenging "Metroid Prime 
2: Echoes" takes home the prize 
as IGN. corn's Gamecube Game 
of the Year. 

O The hottest 

"hard-to-get" toy for 
the holidays is the 
Nintendo DS handheld 
gaming system. 

C Even though it won't 
reach bookstores 
until July 16, 2005, 
preorders in December 
help J.K. Rowling's 
Harry Potter and the 
Half-Blood Prince 
top several 
best-seller lists. 


(J With a series sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals, the Boston 
Red Sox lift the "Curse of the Bambino" to win their first 
World Series title since 1918. 

- \( f-r 


U y^MtU.' 

Ann Heisenlell'APWide World PI 

O The New Englanc 
Patriots defeat the 
Philadelphia Eagles. 
24-21 , to repeat as 
Super Bowl Champions. 
They have won three 
of the last four 
Super Bowls. 

3 Following his win 
in September at 
the Deutsche Bank 
Championship, Vijay 
Singh unseats Tiger 
Woods as the 
world's No. 1 golfer. 

I In December, Indianapolis Colts 
quarterback Peyton Manning throws 
his record-setting 49th touchdown 
pass of the season. 

O In one of the worst brawls in U.S. 
sports history, five Indiana Pacers 
players clash with Detroit Pistons 
fans on court and in the stands. 
The Pacers' Ron Artest is suspended 
for the year for his involvement. 

J> Russian teenage tennis star Maria 
Sharapova defeats Serena Williams 
to claim the Wimbledon title. 
Thanks to lucrative sponsorship 
deals, Sharapova ends the year as 
the world's richest sportswoman. 

O The NHL takes 
the 2004-2005 season 
off as players and 
team owners fail to 
come to an agreement 
on players' 
salary limitations. 

The Tampa Bay 
Lightning claim the 
2004 NHL Stanley 
Cup by winning the 
seventh game of the 
Stanley Cup Finals, 
2-1 , over the 
Calgary Flames. 



Marlon Brando dies at age 80 Johnny Carson dies at 79 

Dan Rather retires 

Tom Brokaw signs oft 

Reggie White dies at age 43 


C In a year of entertainment 
dominated by teen 
Vy queens, Lindsay Lohan 
makes the biggest splash 
of the bunch with the hit 
movie Mean Girls and her | 
debut CD Speak. 

a form 
of muscular dystrophy at age 13. 
He was known as a best-selling 
poetry author and the Muscular 
Dystrophy Association's National 
Goodwill Ambassador from 2002 
through 2004. 

louston/APAVide Woi 

4J In remembrance of those who have died and t 
continue to risk their lives in the war in Iraq. 

~" S 

O Ukrainian presidential 

P candidate Viktor 
Yushchenko suffers 
from debilitating 

I illness and scarring 
caused by dioxin 
poisoning, allegedly 
at the hands of 
his opponents. 

3 Rodney Dangerlield. 
82. veteran comedian 
famous for guiiimj 
iin respect." dies 

from oomplioatleni 

following heart surgery. 


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